Jesus, Wonderful Counselor

Our services

Jesus summarized the path of the disciple well, when he expressed the two great
commandments: whole-hearted love for God and love for neighbor. Thus, biblical
counseling at HCBC aims for true heart change that manifests itself in love for God
and love for others.

HCBC offers biblical counseling to individuals, couples, and families. The church is a family like community of brothers and sisters. Jesus also taught that spiritual growth is best nurtured in community. Because growth in Christ requires more than just biblical counseling, we strive to help connect you with a local church and with a few Christians who will walk closely alongside you.

Location: Meetings occur at the church building in rooms that will respect both your
privacy and safety. The church building is located at 2117 Commerce Blvd, Mound, MN
Time: Meetings last either 50 or 80 minutes.
Frequency: Meetings occur every 1-2 weeks.

Disclaimer: Biblical counseling is not the same as professional, licensed counseling. HCBC Biblical Counselors do not provide counsel as registered, licensed or certified professionals with the State of Minnesota (e.g. professional counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage and family therapist, social worker).